Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Thursday: 5 Items I'd take on a desert island.

RANDOM THURSDAY! YAY! :) I almost didn't get it in time because it's 10 PM, but I did! Anyhooters, here we go! 
you're meaghan me crazy

1. Chase.
He's in infantryman so he knows how to do like everything, he can build fire, sew anything, knows how to find food/water/shelter etc etc etc. He's awesome and he's the first thing I want with me on this island. 

2. My friggin MacBook
I mean there's going to be electricity and wifi on this island right? I sure hope so! 

3. Unlimited supply of drinking water and kool-aid water enhancer
I don't like water but if it's made into kool-aid flavored water, I'd be just fine. :)

4. A machete
You can use it to fend off animals, kill animals to eat, cut down trees, and there's numerous other reasons to have one.

5. My camera with unlimited battery
I mean I'm assuming we'd get rescued off this island at some point so I'd like to document my time on said island. :) 


  1. Holy shit, girl; that' machete makes my knife look like a toothpick haha. Love that you'd take an endless supply of water & kool-aid ...which is SO good.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Lol, great images! I especially like the koolaid and machete.. but maybe not so useful when they're together.

    You'd probably have some good boar eating with that machete :D

    1. Heck yeah, as long as my husband did the killing. ;)

  3. haha that machetes intense!! I don't think I took a weapon... whoops!
    thanks for linking up!

    1. I know right? I had to find the right one, lol. :)